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Claypool & Stroger on the Attack

By Amy Hart in News on Feb 2, 2006 6:03PM


Veiled lies, attacks on one’s integrity, and attempts to destroy one’s reputation… sounds like another fun-filled day in the race for Cook County Board President.

A couple of weeks ago President John Stroger and Commissioner Forrest Claypool, who is vying for Stroger’s position in the upcoming election, got into a shouting match over the budget for county hospitals during which the issue of race was brought up by Stroger—a topic which is now the fodder for much debate.

Now they’re at it again. Previously it was revealed that county government officials and employees have donated handsomely to Stroger’s campaign. So during a county board meeting yesterday, Claypool got together with some of his buddies to introduce an amendment which would prevent county employees from making political contributions to board members.

Stroger then one-upped Claypool by introducing his own amendment banning contributions from all county elected officials.

Then the fireworks started. Claypool asked for an immediate vote on both proposals. Stroger responded with a hint that maybe Claypool wasn’t all that ethical when he ran the Chicago Park District in the ‘90s. Claypool told Stroger to “be specific or stop the lies.” Stroger said he would not let Claypool “destroy my reputation.”

We told you this primary race was going to be good. With Claypool and Stroger tied in the latest polls, it will only get better. Too bad Republican challenger Tony Peraica doesn’t have a primary opponent with whom to spar.