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Chicagoist Week In Review: Cranky Bastards Edition

By Scott Smith in Miscellaneous on Feb 6, 2006 4:04PM

Maybe the constant weather changes were getting to people, but it was pretty cranky on Chicagoist last week. As opposed to crunky, which would have been pretty cool.

2006_02_weekinreview.jpgFirst, it was Iron Chef that had your secret ingredients all aflutter. Whether “illegitimate babies” could outcook Bobby Flay or not is a question man will struggle with for time immemorial but all seemed to agree that Bayless’s plating was straight outta Snoozetown. We suggest commemorative plates next time as they’re likely to increase in value.

Then, in a public service, we gave you a chance to get out your road rage by discussing the 20 worst traffic bottlenecks. Just as CTA riders were enjoying a little schadenfreude, we posted about the CTA’s efforts to tell you exactly how late you’re going to be…but only if you ride the Madison bus.

Of course, there’s nothing like a bloated governmental body or faceless corporation to get a commenter’s ire up. So it was no surprise that these posts on the County Board President race and one man’s struggle against the tyranny of abandoned signage struck a chord with many.

Yet there was some joy to be had last week as we drank some good beer and spied on our favorite architecture (By the way, here’s the first-ever look at the Chicagoist offices).

By the way, we promise to take it easy on any Billy Corgan-related news this week unless he sprouts horns or convinces D’Arcy to rejoin the band. We’re not sure which is more likely.

Finally, Chicagoist presents its first Comment of the Week award to “dan” for his commentary on this post about a certain Trib columnist.