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Could Kendra Davis Become a Fixture at the UC?

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Feb 6, 2006 5:14PM

Last week was yet another stressful week for poor Antonio Davis. On Thursday, his wife Kendra was charged with battery stemming from an October "road rage" incident in Naperville in which she allegedly flug hot coffee at another motorist. Just as the hype surrounding her United Center bruhaha started to die down this comes to light! Did Antonio know about that run-in? Maybe he was trying to protect David Axelrod from his wife and not the other way around...

2006_01_sports_antonio_davis_bulls_uni.jpgMight Davis be able to keep closer tabs on his wife -- who remained with their kids in Chicago afer his trade to the Knicks -- in the near future? That's a possibility, some believe. Antonio Davis was traded for Jalen Rose on Friday (yeah, that's who we traded for him, too), meaning he's a member of the Toronto Raptors. For now. Some believe that the Raptors may be willing to buy out Davis, making him a free agent able to sign with any team. He did not immediately report to Toronto but Raptors management was scheduled to meet with Davis and his agent over the weekend.

The Toronto Star reports today that Davis may remain with the Raptors. Following their weekend meeting, Raptors interim GM Wayne Embry said he expects Davis to "fulfill his obligations" of his contract and that there is "no possibility" the Raptors would buy him out of his contract. He is expected to practice with the team on Tuesday and play Wednesday night after returning to New York to tie up some personal business and and visiting Chicago to discuss options with his wife.

If the Raptors are unwilling to discuss a buyout, the Antonio has few options. He could report and play; he could retire and forfeit the remaining $6 million on his contract (that he probably needs to pay for his wife's legal fees and payoffs); refuse to report and risk suspension; or demand a trade.

The Bulls are definitely interested in adding Davis to the roster and he would like to be back in Chicago, but if the Raptors won't buy him out then it won't happen. He cannot be traded back to the Bulls because they already traded him this year. But do the Raptors really want him that badly, or are they just playing hard ball to get down the buyout amount? Chicagoist suspects there's at least a 50-50 change we'll see Antonio back in Chicago on the court -- not just escorting hisd wife to court.

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