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"Sewer Rat May Taste Like Pumpkin Pie..."

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Feb 9, 2006 6:22PM

2006_02_mcD.gifThe business sections of today's dog trainers have some short but sweet tidbits related to Hamburger U:

- A large order of McDonald's french fries contain one-third more trans fat (that's the tasty goodness that clogs your arteries) than what is actually listed on McDonald's brochures and website. How did the folks at the Golden Arches find out? By testing their own fries.

- Spurred by sales of premium chicken sandwiches and gift cards redemptions, McDonald's January sales rose 5.7 percent. Maybe they should consider selling wine in little juice boxes. A box of wine a day could be marketed as a counter to the eight grams of trans fat found in a large order of fries. If you give your valentine a McDonald's gift card and an individually-wrapped rose from White Hen, you deserve to go to bed without nookie.

- Just in time for the Winter Olympics- of which McDonald's is a sponsor of and of the US Olympic Team- the long-awaited nutritional information on McDonlad's packaging was unveiled in Torino Tuesday. Taking their cue from emoticon-obsessed teenaged text messagers, the information is written using the same pictograms and hieroglyphics warm air hand dryer manufacturers use in lieu of having the instructions altered to read "Push butt, rub hands under arm hair." Chicagoist was unable to get its hands on the new packaging- because we don't eat at McDonald's- but we created this beautiful picture (above right) of what happens if one eats too much McDonald's.