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We’ll Create Our Own Gas From Now On, Thank You

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Feb 9, 2006 9:31PM

2006_02_peoplesenergy.jpgYesterday, as the snow poured down on Chicago for the first substantial time in a while, it was a great time to cuddle up by the fire with a new book. Oh, wait, that wasn't a book—it was your horrifying energy bill.

This is nothing new. We have been dealing with ever-increasing gas (and gas bills) (sorry) for years, and Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been hot on Peoples Energy's trail the whole time. We've been willing to give her a break for the most part, since the company is so damn wily, but $400 for heat is a little outrageous.

Never fear, government bureaucracy is well on its way to trouncing the evil doers. Or not. We were vaguely sorta kinda promised in January that consumers who were royally screwed due to Hurricane Katrina/Rita/Bush economy and "unusually hot summers" but had actually been screwed by the gas company would receive compensation for the wrongdoing. We were really looking forward to buying back all the trinkets we pawned to pay the bills with the pittance they were going to give back, but – alas.

So, the newest turn in this sordid tale involves a bunch of groups pouting because they weren’t involved with the talks. On one hand, it's really nice that people are looking out for us little guys for a change. On the other – get your shit together! We’re dying on the icy, winter vine here!

So while you shiver through the rest of winter with no money, remember: Price gouging is the American way!

Thanks, Alicia!