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Governor Smith’s Daily Show Performance

By Amy Hart in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 10, 2006 3:45PM


Governor Blagojevich was featured in a Daily Show segment last night entitled “Pill of Rights” concerning his order to require pharmacists fill prescriptions for emergency contraception regardless of whether or not pharmacists feel that doing so goes against their moral beliefs.

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones introduced Blago by saying, “I sat down with Gov. Blago, Blagaaaa . . . Gov. Smith.” We are still surprised by Illinois residents who manage to mess up his name.

When Blago started to explain his order requiring the filling of prescriptions, Jones said, “I’ll be in charge of what my listeners get to hear,” and then promptly bleeped out a long part of Blago’s statement, mocking the debate between government and pharmacists over women’s choices.

At the end of the segment, Jones wanted Blago to role play with him, but the governor said he is not an actor and that Jones must have him confused with the Governator. Blago said he saw Schwarzenegger’s first movie and Jones then said, “Are you the gay governor?”

Jones summed up the story nicely by saying, "The question remains, who will control a woman's body - the governor or her pharmacist?"

Chicagoist rather enjoyed the segment, which is available for viewing on the Daily Show’s website. Both Blago and pharmacist/State Representative Ron Stephens said they knew what they were getting themselves into, and took part to draw national attention to the issue.

Of course, it could also be argued that Blago wanted to draw national attention to himself, as many feel he might be contemplating a run for President. President Blagojevich? Maybe he should worry about getting reelected governor for now.