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Skipper to Skip White House, Daley Disappointed

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Feb 10, 2006 5:26PM

The White Sox and the White House have finally settled on February 13th as the date the team will visit with the President -- an honor typically bestowed upon the World Series champs. While most of the team will take part in the Washington visit, there will be a few very noticable absences.

Sox leadoff hitter Scott Podsednik seems to be getting a free pass because he's on his honeymoon. And if you had his wife, you'd certainly want to remain in bed with her than visit with the Prez.

2005_09_sports_guillen.jpgHowever, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will not be attending, and that has Da Mere disappointed.

I'm disappointed. It's a great honor to be invited to the White House. I don't care who you are. Maybe you think you're too important.
Ozzie's on vacation or something. That's up to him. But you don't realize how precious that is. Very few Americans have ever been in the White House. To me, that's a privilege for anyone. . . . I could ask [any police officer]. If they ever get [an invitation] to the White House, they'd be walking down there. They'd get there some way.'

Ozzie will be skipping the White House because he's on vacation in the Dominican Republic with his wife and youngest son and to unwind before Spring Training begins. At least that's the official reason Guillen gave.

Some wonder whether there's any political motivation in his declining the invite. Guillen is friends with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who's not exactly a fan of President Bush.

Chicagoist is kind of disappointed that Guillen's not attending -- but not for the reasons that Da Mere or those in the media are. We're disappointed because, with Guillen's shoot from the hip demeanor, we can only imagine the ways he'd put the Prez on the spot! We've got a whole list of questions that the main stream media seems too pussy foot to ask him -- so why not let Ozzie to do it?