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Chicagoist Week In Review: Ctrl - Post - Rock Edition

By Scott Smith in Miscellaneous on Feb 20, 2006 2:33PM

After a robust week of posting and rocking here at the Chicagoist offices, the week seems like a blur. Was it really only a week ago that “Tank” Johnson was charged with assault and resisting arrest (incidentally, aren’t you glad you live in a city that has a guy named after an armored fighting vehicle on its football team?)?

2006_02_weekinreview.jpgOf course, Mr. Johnson (if you’re nasty) wasn’t the only one causing trouble last week. Just in time for a Valentine’s Day conjugal visit, six inmates broke out of the Cook County Jail (which led to an attempt to separate fly shit from pepper in the comments section).

But what really got you talking were drawings. Like cartoon representations of religious leaders. And cartoonish representations of the new Silver/Mauve/Turquoise/Indigo CTA Line. All color wheels aside, we’re wondering where the outrage is over the “test run” of the re-routed Cermak branch. We all know how much help the last test run was for ironing out the bugs.

We’re sure at least one person stopped to smell the roses during this rough-and-tumble week: Mayor Daley. Will it be four more years? Attention, Jesse Jackson Jr.: pray for snow. Bet Bruce Wolf wished he had that kind of job security.

Finally, one last thanks to The Assembly, May Or May Not, Alphabet and all the Chicagoist readers who showed up on Thursday and helped make Ctrl- Alt - Rock such a success.