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This Week in Stupid

By Matt Wood in News on Feb 20, 2006 5:26PM

chicagoist_2006_02_cbs2.jpgCall this week's installment the CBS 2 edition. The TV news channels always supply the best stories, and CBS came up with 5 winners this time.

On Tuesday, a Wheaton man was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his, count 'em, sixth and seventh drunk driving convictions. His license had been revoked for over a decade, and he had already served two sentences for his first five convictions.

This one isn't so much stupid as it is cold-hearted: on late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning, burglars stole 200 pounds of frozen chickens and turkeys from a Decatur food bank. A Decatur police sergeant noted that frozen meat can be sold on the street for drugs, which is a new one on us. Now where's that ham...

On Thursday, a Gary fifth-grader brought a .45-caliber handgun to school.

Also more in the sad & disturbing area than stupid, on Friday, Peoria police confirmed that their parking enforcement division had issued three tickets and a tow-away notice to an SUV, not aware that there was a dead body in the back seat.

And finally, our old friend William Ligue, the man who charged the field at a White Sox game with his son in 2002 and attacked Royals coach Tom Gamboa, is back in jail for violating his probation in the attack. It seems that Chargin' Willie broke into a car in Harvey back in 2004.