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Ew. Gross.

By Erin in Miscellaneous on Feb 22, 2006 1:20PM

2006_02_germs.jpgEvery office has one: a coworker who dips into your Kool-Aid without even knowing the flavor.

You know, the one who asks umpteen billion questions about your family, your friends, what you're doing over the weekend, what you got on your last review, what kind of shampoo you use ... Chicagoist once had a coworker who flat-out asked her if she wouldn't mind loaning her $50, and we barely knew each other.

Then you have Mary Ann Childers.

In a column written by Robert Feder, a long-time favorite in the Chicagoist offices, Childers, in the grand tradition of whacked-out, wildly unnecessary sweep pieces everywhere, did a piece on the bacteria count of the newsroom surfaces at CBS 2, including the desks of her coworkers. The study was conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona professor of environmental microbiology who is doing some sort of study on which professions are the grodiest.

As it turns out, the foulest of the desks belonged to anchors Diann Burns and Antonio Mora, the top news achors at the station. Chicagoist isn't sure which grosses us out more - the fact that Burns and Mora, who make an ass-load of cash, either aren't washing their hands after they use the washroom or can't fork over some cash for some 409 and paper towels to wipe off their desks, or that Childers has now set a precedent for nosy, get-up-in-yo-grill coworkers everywhere.

Seriously. This is like calling open season for busybodies everywhere.