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The Ebert Report

By Roland Lara on Feb 23, 2006 4:45PM

Roger Ebert is going to be a guest tonight on the Daily Show.

How’s that for a slice of fried gold*? Roger  Ebert.jpg

Mr. Ebert posted his Oscar predictions Saturday, and we’re but ten days from the Oscar ceremony itself, which is hosted by – wait for it – Jon Stewart.jon_stewart_150.JPG

Chicagoist is a big fan of the Daily Show what with the high and low humor, so we’re looking forward to an intelligent discussion of how none of the big nominees was itself a runaway box office phenom and what that says for the state of cinema and American tastes and the meaning of the Oscars themselves .... as well as a good Brokeback Mountain joke at the vice-president’s expense: “I wish I knew how to shoot you. Oh, that’s how.”

Ebert’s also hosting his annual Outguess Ebert contest. He’s picking Crash as the big winner, so we’re hoping he’s just making it easy to beat him.

Also, if the fucking penguin movie beats Murderball there is no justice.

*Flagrantly ripped off from Shaun of the Dead. See this movie. Yes it came out two years ago. See it now.