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Elsewhere In The Ist-a-verse'

By Rachelle Bowden on Feb 25, 2006 2:38PM

22006_2_googlemapcenterofny.jpgAfter Wired ran a story documenting the GoogleCenter of the United States a bunch of ists jumped on the opportunity to figure out their own middle. Gothamist, Chicagoist, Bostonist and Seattlest all zoomed in on their creamy GoogleCenters. A crack cartography team is hard at work determining the GoogleCenter of the Ist-a-verse as you read this...

Austinist read a book about Olympian Bode Miller and liked it. They also took a few pictures of the fog and got out of dodge for the All Star goings-on.

SFist explores the world of renewable resources by posting about the dog crap recycling program their city just started. If only San Fran had found a way to recycle the excrement that's flowed from their home run hitter for the past few years... They also follow another reply-all shit storm and sniff out a 32 pound cat.

mini-99879547_bb360f4cf4_o.jpgSeattlest discovered a guerrilla skatepark, complained about a local sportscaster's inability to get into the baseball Hall of Fame and watched the Sonics finagle a new stadium. Open Source Radio also blew through Seattle this week.

Houstonist documented their city's fight with Mexico as it played out over the naming of their Major League Soccer team and then watched their city and Dallas duke it out. There were lots of celebs in town for the All Star thing and what exclusive eatery did Snoop Dogg camp out in the back room of?

Gothamist posted about the potential for UAE taking over ports in the city and a comments inferno ensued. Twice, actually. After a hard day debating national security it's nice to pull the cork on a few, and Gothamist also has a breakdown on where to do that.

Butterstick-Design.jpgDCist has a baby panda and you don't. In a touching, made for A&E moment, the baby panda Butterstick met his father for the first time. A copyright dispute over the name "The Nationals" may force the baseball team to change its name to the "Washington Natropolitan Baseball Club" or "Nats" for shorts. DCist also watched the Gipper get dissed in VA and saw protesters stand up for the Danes. Also, DCist rocks.

LAist kept track of the food bloggers response to the attack on them in Food & Wine this month and threw their support behind Cheese Sandwich Day. Signs, signs everywhere signs for LAist this week and they caught Social D at the House of B.

prayforshanghaibracelets.jpg Shanghaiist would have had an easier time documenting who didn't invade their city this week. Prayer Warriors, Playboy Bunnies, James Brown and pizza all tried it with varying degrees of success. They also posted on the Chinese governenment's response to the most insidious invader yet: internet slang.

Londonist found some crazy book, read it in a day and then interviewed the author. They posted on London artists creating a city of food and then they ate the biscuit metropolis. They also caught bird flu fever and watched some terrorists (actors playing terrorists, actually) get arrested by cops (cops played by actual cops, unfortunately).

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