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Political Rewind

By Amy Hart in News on Feb 28, 2006 2:30AM

2006_02_calendar.gifAh, February. You went by so fast, yet you left us with so much political discord.

As usual, County Board President John Stroger and Commissioner Forrest Claypool were all up in each other’s business. Maybe we could solve the county’s financial woes by having these two battle it out in a pay-per-view cage match.

2006_02_candyheart1.bmpFor a day or so it looked like Senators John McCain and Barack Obama might engage in a full out war of words over ethics reform, but Obama quickly made nice and McCain backed down… for now. We personally think these two might lock horns again in the future.

Chicago voters seem to be clashing with themselves as most voters support Mayor Daley even though they think he knew about the city’s illegal hiring practices.

Then there’s the fight between the money grubbing George Ryan the prosecution tried to show us and the man of integrity and ethereal goodness that his wife and the defense presented. Perhaps he suffers from multiple personality disorder—savior by day, pimp by night.

And let us not forget the gubernatorial frontrunners. 2006_02_candyheart2.bmpRepublican Judy Baar Topinka was attacked by her fellow candidates over ethics reform, a move that made her male counterparts look like children when they could have taken advantage of Topinka’s positions if they had partaken in mature dialogue. As for Governor Blagojevich, after his inner turmoil of taking part in the Daily Show while not understanding what exactly it was, he is now under fire for misrepresenting his job creation numbers and faces more pay to play accusations. Oh, and the Black Legislative Caucus is threatening to look for a third-party candidate if Blago doesn't come up with a better way to fund schools.

With that we bid you adieu, February. March is knocking on the door, and she has primaries. That's right February, it's primary season. March is going to make you look like a chump.