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He Would Walk Three Thousand Miles...

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 28, 2006 5:04PM

Plenty of filmmakers will tell you that if you’re serious about making movies then you should skip film school. Only Werner Herzog would tell you to take a hike…from Madrid to Kiev.

According to this AP story, Chicago area filmmaker Lee Kazimir 2006_02_walkin.jpgis doing just that. He read an interview by the legendary Herzog that said filmmakers could learn more about filmmaking from a 5000 km walk (about 3106 miles) “from Madrid to Kiev” than from film school. Soon after, Kazimir began making plans to take the journey. He’ll be learning as he creates, since he’s also filming the experience for a documentary with the working title of More Shoes (though Dry Socks Wouldn’t Hurt Either works too).

The Trib published a brief piece earlier this month that fills in some details on Kazimir’s adventure. He hails from the suburb of Frankfort, expects to spend six months on his journey and hopes to get Herzog’s help in editing the raw footage.

Kazimir plans on updating his website throughout the trip. You can view a trailer for his project here or toss him a few bucks for some Band-Aids and blister cream here.