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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 4, 2006 2:24PM


DCist helps us make more sense of the world this week. Posts like this concert review are the reason for Scott Stapp. DCist also enumerates the reasons for playing ultimate frisbee, Condi’s tight buns, their love of a local convenience store, and their jealousy of a person in Seattle calling the city.

louisvuittoncars.jpgLAist documented graf artist Banksy’s most recent visit to LA in one two three posts. They also found the best possible use for the Louis Vuitton pattern and figured out that they weren’t seeing the grown-up version of Dancing with the Stars.

Chicagoist advises smokers not to light themselves on fire, but would probably be pretty ok with it if their ex-DH did it. They also drop a few critical remarks on various alt-country folk and the comments flare up. The Crayola cannon is ransacked for a new El line name, Hilary’s Urban Eatery is accused of something, the Uptown Snack Shop is eulogized and the hunt is on for Shamrock shakes.

Phillyist draws the line at pajama pants in the streets of Philidelphia and so they aren’t going to kick you out of bed in morning. They also watch a local environmental group butt heads with the AAA and interview the director of the new Paper Route video.

Miamist sees the state attorney's kid go down in flames yet again and a politically-motivated kidnapping gets checked. Is Miami commutable by bicycle? And a pricey horse changes hands despite a $16M price tag.

bondsdrags.jpgSFist survived a pair of earthquakes this week - One provided by Mother Nature and the other man-made. They also report that half the people riding Muni are turnstile Olympians and put out a call to anyone who thinks they can out J.T. LeRoy J.T. LeRoy. They peep on the mayor’s new relationship and then attempt to name it.

Houstonist wrestles with the stereotypes reporting on the rodeo and Houston socialites before dirtying the hands once again at the Enron trial. They also follow Ms. Smith, Anna Nicole to Washington (x2) and wondered about their wacked out street names.

Gothamist sees NYC’s title of "safest big city" slip a little bit when the psycho murder of a city grad student scares the crap out of everyone. A VV writer makes up a cover story that sounds too good to be true (but will soon be true, now), the Knicks hit rock bottom, Mario Batali’s new place gets the treatment. There’s also a panda envy case study.

fakestarbuckslogoss.jpgShanghaiist laughs at the news of corruption and fraud in China, but the detention of protestors isn’t funny. Vocab lessons for the week include "chinked-out," "drunken shrimp," and "day rooms." The Rolling Stones and Mission Impossible 3 come to Shanghai and Starbucks ripoffs are everywhere.

Seattlest drives the virtual streets in the virtual version of their home city via a Microsoft beta, but the whining in the city is all too non-virtual. They also explore everything podcastable in the city and hail a local guy on the fiction pages of the New Yorker.

Scott Stapp photo by Kyle Gustafson