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Once Bitten, Twice Not So Shy

By Matt Wood in Miscellaneous on Mar 9, 2006 4:37PM

chicagoist_03_2006_pity_button.jpgRemember our sympathy yesterday for the Chicago woman who was attacked by bedbugs at a hotel in New York? Well, we still might send her a bottle of Calamine lotion, but we're not too worried about her mental anguish anymore. It turns out that Leslie Fox and her husband stayed in the same section of the same hotel again two weeks later, for five days no less. Fox's husband had a contract for a speaking engagement and she wanted to go with him. "I was absolutely loath to have to go back there, and I went back with great apprehension," she told the AP. Sure thing, but you didn't change your reservations to the Holiday Inn Express either did you? She's still pursuing her $20 million lawsuit against the hotel, but Chicagoist is betting she won't see that much money unless she either A) hits the lottery, or B) learns to hit a curveball better than Paul Konerko. Better start warming up that swing Leslie.