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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 11, 2006 6:38PM

Torontoist throws down the gauntlet and challenges all comers: pillow fight, bitch. They also stand up for a fellow blogger taking heat from the TTC and welcome city-wide WiFi.

SFist can finally admit it: It's possible that Bary Bonds juiced. Is Bay Area artist (tempted to put quotes around that) Thomas Kinkaid "kinda crappy" or "explosively crappy" or does he just like marking territory? SFist wonders. Technology comes in the form of new Mac goodness and a broken cell courtesy of the mayor of Oakland. Also check out a Low interview and the World Baseball Challenge Challenge.

front_of_packs.jpgLondonist asks their readers to slow it down a bit. Wait, not so slow you need a "wake me at Stockwell" sticker on the tube and if you need a nap club, well...that's pretty damn slow. They also check out London's dinosaurs.

Phillyist hypes a Mogwai show tonight next week, hates stealing and knows the best cover song you've never heard. There's a Philly Film Festival, coffee in the city and a vast legion of potential zombies slumbering under the city.

Chicagoist has a red carpet event all of their own with their inaugural campaign awards. They also post on a protest that has absolutely nothing to do with the war and wonder why Barry's former manager didn't see nothing. The CTA strikes and Pitchfork's music festival gets a lot of airtime.

Seattlest gets some interviews going with a local singer and a film reviewer, political commenter, ex-con named Vern. Don't you ever say one luke-warm word about Pearl Jam. Not in Seattle. Eh, you can sweat Ichiro, though.

2006_3_suspect1s.jpgGothamist payed a lot of attention to the St. Guillen murder story and their mugshot post drew a huge crowd. NYC's metrocard machines join the war on terror and a city councilman criticizes the lilly-whiteness of advertising agencies. Gothamist is busy packing their bags for SXSW, but they can take some time out to liveblog the Oscars.

DCist often sees their city play Guinea pig to the GOP, but there really aren't a whole lot of celebrities coming through. Marin Berry gets off with probation and DCist makes a TV news appearance.

Miamist went to see Queen (minus THE queen, of course) in concert and loved it. They also posted on the city's official shoe, the flip flop, being banned in some schools and a big Ecstasy bust made news.

LAist spots Jeremy Pivens's receding bald spot on the cover of Los Angeles magazine and wants the actor to know that bald is beautiful. LA radio guy and former Sex Pistol Steve Jones explains why the band isn't impressed by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the mastermind behind the Running Scared adver-game is interviewed.

030706_delaymovie.jpgHoustonist watched their city finally settle on a name for their soccer team, saw two brothers face off politically in the burbs and can't wait to see the new DeLay doc. Unanswerable questions: What is Houston doing on a best walking cities list and why would anyone blog about Wal-Mart for free?

Bostonist documented a week's worth of their experiences with a new transit fare system and wallowed in the glory of seventh place. They spotted some illegal activity on Craigslist and saw Bobby Brown get arrested. No such luck with Whitney, though.

Austinist lets their readers in on a little sit down with independent gubernatorial candidate, author, musician, renaissance Jewish cowboy, yes we're talking about just one guy here, Kinky Friedman. Also, you may have heard of a little something something called SXSW? Or a little author named Neal Pollack?