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Obama Rocks the Mike Like a Vandal

By Amy Hart in News on Mar 13, 2006 2:39PM

2006_03_obama.jpgThis past Saturday the Gridiron Club, a group of Washington journalists, held its 121st annual dinner roasting politicians. Senator Barack Obama got in on the fun and sang a parody of “If I Only Had a Brain” with the refrain of “If I Only Had McCain,” a reference to his earlier ethics tiff with Republican Arizona Senator John McCain. Those attending seemed to be impressed by his “velvet voice.” Maybe he was just trying for another grammy.

Aside from his song, Obama also showed his comedic chops by getting in a few digs at the Bush administration, and making light of his own celebrity and leadership problems in the Democratic party. Among some of his gems:

Nice to see you, Mr. President and Mrs. Bush. I think it takes a great spirit for the president, who we all know is an early riser, to sit here until midnight and hear himself lampooned, when he could be back at the White House enjoying a quiet, peaceful night, watching TV and approving secret wiretaps.

The truth is, I'm terrified to be here. Not because you're such a tough audience, but because they're serving drinks. I'm standing about 30 yards from the vice president, and I'm a lawyer. The only thing that could make this more dangerous is if he considered me a friend.

I mean, wow, it really has been a rough period for you, Mr. President. I missed the Oscars, so when I picked up the paper the next morning and saw Crash in the headlines, I just assumed it was another Bush poll story.

You can check out Obama's whole speech here. Reports indicate that President Bush laughed along with Obama, but we’re pretty sure he was just trying to figure out what all those big words meant.