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The Best Week Ever

By Margaret Hicks in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 13, 2006 3:03PM

Storyweek.jpgChicagoist needs to pull its corduroy jacket out of the closet, our elbow pads are looking a little too new. Good thing it's Story Week so we can start rubbing some elbows.

Story Week is Columbia College’s week of lectures, readings, panel discussions and performances, from authors large and small, local and from away. There’s way too much cool stuff to list here, so we’ll list some of the highlights, but make sure to check the website so you don’t miss anything. It’s too bad that Chicagoist is a working stiff, because some of the coolest stuff takes place in the afternoons. We wonder if our boss will believe our fake literary sickness, cough cough.

Tonight you can see Chicago staple, Studs Terkel, and Stuart Dybek, author of “Coast of Chicago”; we’re too giddy to even think about this.

Tomorrow night is Pulitzer Prize winner Edward P. Jones, author of “The Known World” with Writers on Record host, Victoria Lautman.

Thursday afternoon is “Writing the Unlikable Character” with Dorothy Allison author of “Bastard Out of Carolina”; Antonia Logue, “Shadow-Box”; Shawn Shiflett, “Hidden Place” and Tom Perrotta author of “Little Children”. We like this one, because we know how hard it is to write unlikable characters, cause we’re so darn cute ourselves.

Then Thursday night is "Fighting Words, Literary Rock and Roll" with Dorothy Allison, “She Who”; Tom Perrotta, “Little Children” and Alexis Pride, “Where the River Ends”. This one’s at the Metro, so we’ll plan on seeing some seriously shmappy writers doing it up at Smart Bar afterwards.

Also check out this New City for an article on how Story Week started and where it’s headed.

See you on the flipside.