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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 19, 2006 11:52PM

2006_03_subwaypervs.jpgGothamist posts on the capture of a NYC perv thanks to Little Brother and a camera phone. They also scour the city for vodka martinis and Shamrock shakes and spot the friend from the Wonder Years at a city law firm. New York police think that Littlejohn is their man.

Houstonist is no stranger to megachurches or stripmalls or mega-strip-churchmalls. The children of Houston are under assault by unknown forces as this week a playground was incinerated by a giant mirror, glass shards found their way into baby food and the friendship of a 16-year-old local girl was pulled off of eBay.

Seattlest posts on their city's incarnation of the Idiotarod and looks for an anthem to call their own. Neko Case doesn't like "alt-country", Ichiro's pissed and Rick Steves is high.

LAist has an interview with the founder of the incredible Fallen Fruit Project, but finds no avocados in Christ's image. Manicottis, though, are a different story. Michael Douglass is offered free "shut the hell up" classes.

Miamist turns real estate baron and holds an open house for Al Capone's old digs. A nudist would have been better off naked when his shorts caught on fire and Miami cats would be better off as dogs.

TfL Wankers.jpg

notroundel.jpgLondonist follows a mysterious red line on the pavement around the city, reports on the continuing adventures of the "Yellow Stripes" in London and keeps an eye on London's tube map spoofer. People also keep rubbing Winston Churchill's feet and it's a problem.

Torontoist posts about their city standing in for an American city on film, again. This time Toronto will be playing Dallas in the film version of...Dallas. Toronto is building a park in the the shape of a heart and Torontoist notes that a recent abductee was released when he was able to produce a Canadian passport.

Chicagoist sees their city's river in the limelight for one day and the taxis get a make better. Three suspicious guys get busted for taking suspicious photographs of the suspiciously tall Sears Tower, and Chicagoist sits down with Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber.

macdogtopdogs.jpgShanghaist spends some time trapped on the dark side of the Great Firewall, but manages to get enough Google love to figure out their Google Center. Shanghai transportation infrastructure updates leave pedestrians out in the cold, and Shanghai hotdog infrastructure updates leave copyright holders out in the cold.

DCist gets its own little xmas this week in the form of a new stadium, new city anthem and new TV show featuring the Washingtonienne. Also, the hottest art review ever appears.

SFist has an interview with Tyrone Davies, that filmmaker who puked on the news chick's desk and continues their never-ending mission to name their mayor's insta-relationship with Sofia Milos. They also chronicle the eternal story of two men punching each other into submission and wave good-bye to the Raiders QB. Plus, it snowed and freedom of speech got a W.

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