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Oberweis Getting Weirder

By Amy Hart in News on Mar 20, 2006 1:11PM

2006_03_oberweis.jpgJim Oberweis never ceases to amaze us. The man who isn't a politician, but plays one during election season, is upset that Bill Brady and Ron Gidwitz will not drop out of the Republican race for governor because he believes they are taking away the votes he needs to beat frontrunner Judy Baar Topinka.

Oberweis' solution? The three men should all draw straws to see which one can stay in the race. Seriously. Oberweis' campaign manager said the idea "shows the kind of innovative free-market thinking Jim brings in." Innovation sure ain't what it used to be.

From his "Got Guv?" campaign slogan to his "joke" about tracking illegal aliens, we've had just about enough of Oberweis. Apparently we're not alone. Just last week we saw a pair of Oberweis campaign workers put up a sign in our neighborhood. As soon as they drove off in their car, a guy walking down the sidewalk ripped the sign out of the ground and threw it in the trash.

The Capitol Fax's Rich Miller worries that an Oberweis victory could turn Blago's reelection campaign into a cakewalk. We have several Republican friends who told us they wouldn't vote for Oberweis for all the free ice cream in the world. Hopefully they are not alone and Oberweis will fade away again... until the next election.