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The Full J-V Squad Comes to Chicago

By Roland Lara in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 22, 2006 8:24PM

Jennifer Aniston is moving to Chicago, which drops the Cusacks even further down the hip Chicago celebs list. aniston.jpg

(Who’s even on the list these days? Does Jeremy Piven even rate still? Jeff Garlin has a permanent spot, though.)

But it’s true. She’s coming to the Midwest to shack up with hometown fave Vince Vaughn, in a move that, given the feelings of certain elements here at Chicagoist, could lead to a drunken confrontation some night at reservewith La Aniston leaving with a talking-to or a black eye.

"It makes sense for me to leave. I can live outside Los Angeles and fly in for work," says Jennifer, as per The Sun.

"She wants to make a fresh start in Chicago with Vince," so says a friend of the Aniston.

And the timing couldn’t be more convenient … um, er, a coincidence, we mean. Turns out these two stars have a movie coming out this summer.

Huh? We’d not heard.

And they play lovers.

What? News to us.

And the movie takes place in Chicago.

Now you’re just talking crazy talk there, Mister.

So, yes, we can look forward to the Vennifers or the Jaughns or whatever we’re naming this couple this time to making a go of it here in the months leading up to the June 2 release of "The Break-Up," the trailer for which may or may not feature not only an almost full-monty of Jennifer herself but also an awesome Yes song.

Vince and Jen.jpgWe’re looking forward to all sorts of coverage of Vinceston-inspired craziness: the frenzy of camera-phone-wielding Trixies and Chads as the baseball-cap-clad duo try to surreptitiously take in a Cubs game; the clamor at the Whole Foods on State and Superior as Jen and Vince try to buy organic couscous; and Judy Baar Topinka trying to connect with voters by adopting the Jennifer Aniston haircut … and G-Rod following suit.

This is going to be a good summer, y’all.

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