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Meeks Moving Forward With Gubernatorial Bid

By Amy Hart in News on Mar 28, 2006 6:45PM

As we’ve mentioned before, State Senator James Meeks is none too happy with Governor Blagojevich, and he is thinking of running for governor as a third-party candidate. Originally he wanted to run because he was disappointed with Blago’s educational funding, but Meeks also thinks Illinois needs a pro-life and anti-gay marriage candidate like himself.

Didn’t we already have a couple of candidates like that in the Republican primary? And didn’t they both lose?

2006_03_jamesmeeks2.jpgMeeks has talked to a group of Chicago’s black aldermen who expressed disappointment with Blago’s treatment of the black community. Some of them are thinking of supporting Meeks if Blago does not meet their request of a $4 billion commitment to their needs over the next four years.

Mayor Daley is not too thrilled about the possibility of Meeks running, as it could endanger the entire Democratic slate in the November election.

Blago has thus far been pretty quiet about the whole thing, but has said he wants to work with Meeks on the issue of educational funding.

The only thing more surprising than the news of Meeks possibly splintering the Democrats is the rumor circulating about who might run as his lieutenant governor. Jim Oberweis. Yeah, we know, we threw up a little bit in our mouths too. Hopefully the rumor is not true.

Meeks could start collecting the 25,000 signatures he needs to get on the ballot today.

Image via ABC