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Sex Assault In Lakeview

By Erin in News on Mar 28, 2006 7:47PM


Chicagoist is hesitant to point out that around 1 a.m. today, a woman in her early 20s was beaten and sexually assaulted in her Lakeview apartment building. It isn't that our hearts don't go out to this poor girl. They do. Chicagoist has too many friends who've been in similar situation and knows this woman has a long road ahead.

2006_03_sexassault.jpgNo, we're only hesistant to point it out because women are raped every day in this city and we're inclined to believe that this particular attack is only making news because it happened in Lakeview, and the MSM seem to think that it's shocking to all of us that such a thing would happen in - gasp! - LAKEVIEW. Which just pisses us off to no end. (Speaking of myths, Rape Victim Advocates addresses more of them here).

Just the same, Chicagoist sees it as a good opportunity to list some basic reminders about personal safety. Even among the most veteran of us out there, it's easy to let your guard down in a city like ours, no matter which neighborhood you call home.

From our friends at Loyola University's Wellness Center:

*Trust your instincts. If a situation feels unsafe, it probably is.
*Limit alcohol intake. Never leave a drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers.
*Avoid being alone with someone you don't know well or who makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't worry about hurting their feelings.
*Agree that you and your friends will watch out for each other. Use a buddy system when you go out and agree that one of you will not drink. Avoid leaving friends alone at parties, bars, or clubs.
*Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Avoid secluded or unknown places.
*Don't be afraid to call attention to yourself or your situation.

If you or someone you knows needs help, call the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline, (888) 293-2080, available 24 hours a day, every day and it's free.