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Blago Having a Bad Week

By Amy Hart in News on Mar 29, 2006 10:40PM

2006_03_rodblagojevich.JPGSo far this week Chicagoist had an argument with our siblings over baseball, endured a date with a guy who isn't even registered to vote, forgot to set our alarm clock, thus making us late for a big meeting at work, fell down some stairs, and accidentally threw our favorite cashmere sweater into the dryer. And it's only Wednesday! Sigh. Even with all of that, our week is still not going as poorly as Governor Blagojevich's.

First off Blago is having to deal with State Senator James Meeks' threat to run against him as a third-party candidate in November and the ultimatum from black aldermen that he better respond to their needs, or else. The only bright spot for Blago is that Meeks might take away votes from Republican Judy Baar Topinka too.

And remember the controversy about Blago appointing Nation of Islam minister of protocol Claudette Marie Johnson to serve on the Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes? Blago originally said he was not aware of Johnson's affiliation with the group. Today it was revealed Johnson sent him a letter earlier this month reminding the governor that she had met and spoken to him on multiple occasions before her appointment and that she always identified herself as being affiliated with the Nation of Islam.

As if that isn't enough, another state agency is being investigated. We told you earlier that the Illinois Department of Transportation was torn apart in a report by the state's Auditor General. Now the Auditor General and Attorney General Lisa Madigan want to know why money that was supposed to go towards Illinois roadways was instead spent on items ranging from a parade float to promotional tattoos. Blago isn't a target of the investigation, but it doesn't look good that this is happening under his watch.

Wake up, Blago! We know you're very busy "getting things done for people," but November isn't that far away, and your Democratic base isn't very happy. Simply saying that you want to work with Meeks, can't remember Johnson because you meet so many people, and will cooperate with investigators just isn't enough anymore. Throw your presidential hopes away; it's time to start acting like the progressive and ethical governor you claim to be instead of just another politician.