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Harry Caray Bandit

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Mar 31, 2006 7:31PM

If Chicagoist were going to rob a bank we'd probably just throw on a ski mask to disguise our identity. Or maybe a knee-high pantyhose sock, if we could find one around the house without too many runs. That's why we have never won the Creative Bank Robber of the Year award. Here's someone who may be in the running: The Harry Caray Bandit.

2006_03_harry_caray_glasses.jpgPolice say a guy wearing glasses like those that Harry Caray wore robbed the Palos Bank and Trust in Palos Heights on Wednesday. He was also wearing a wig (or else he just had really bad hair), "police-like" shoes, a baseball cap, and a uniform with a patch that said "Emergency" on one sleeve. An EMT turned bank robber? The man waited in line patiently and then handed the teller a note that said, "Do it in 10 seconds." Whenever Chicagoist has been handed a note like that it certainly hasn't been to give the note-writer money, but ... well ... he was in a bank, she was a teller, how else could it be interpreted?

The Harry Caray Bandit got away with $2,000, but the teller also put a red dye pack into the bag, so good luck spending that money. He fled in a silver Toyota with a stolen license plate and is still at large.

An FBI Chicago spokesperson tried to clarify things by saying "Mr. Caray is not a suspect," as though his ghost may have risen and robbed a suburban bank.

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Image via Field Museum