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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 2, 2006 9:59PM

Seattlest saw a house party get senselessly attacked with a shotgun and end in seven dead. A local senator is debated and their version of the big dig is investigated. To truly get to the bottom of it they interview the writer Jonathan Raban.

katie_crowd_AERORACEREs.jpgBostonist has its first birthday party and investigates how to attach more gambling dollars to the Red Sox. Benjamin Franklin is celebrated and Johnny Damon is not.

Image by Ethan Bagley

DCist reports that the Smithsonian is going to start charging an entrance fee to fund repairs. The men at Media Matters are still befouling the bathrooms, Verizon is befouling the sidewalk and George Mason is befouling your office NCAA bracket.

2006_03_britbrits.jpgGothamist tells us the 9/11 911 tapes are released and that the Tribeca film fest will open with a movie about the tragedy. Crack house mortgages are going through the roof and Central Park may go car-less soon. Bonus: That Brtiney Spears on a bearskin thingy.

Phillyist reports that the plumbers union is pissed at Comcast Tower for installing water-less urinals which in turn annoys progressive Philadelphians. Clinton was in town to talk about something safe and Morgan Spurlock was in town to talk about something controversial and Phillyist announces their new all milkshake diet.

Torontoist suffers an onslaught of billboards on wheels, singing hobbits and yuppie containers. and transit fares increase again.

miketysonsnatchshanghais.jpgShanghaiist got their shop on this week and had plenty of famous visitors to gawk at in between. China remixes the ole carpool lane mannequin into fake roadside cops and the Chinese Apprentice is announced.

Chicagoist sees the alarm sounded over a nude painting in Boy's Town while the CTA adopts all the colors of the gay flag. Tipping, Conan O'Brien and a sexual assault are discussed.

Houstonist points out that everyone should be reading 'Animals have problems too' and that Mexican coke is illegal. Houston students protest immigration restrictions and get arrested and Texas's crackdown on drinking is cracking down on profits.

Austinist documents the rising fees at the University of Texas amid a commenter stampede. They're also familiar with Bush's new Crony of Staff and it looks like some things never change. Another example? Talking Heads still rock.

49012079_m.jpgMiamist posted on the reporter whose personal 411 was posted on the internet by the cops after he ran a critical investigative piece. They also have the scoop on air guitar nation and report on the loosening of ticket resale law in Florida.

SFist went through yet another Muni bomb scare that turned out to be nothing. The 'no smoking at Muni stops' scare though? All too real. Sorry, Jackson. An eharmony lawsuit wraps up and Dave Chappell rocks SF.

LAist sees lots of bodies in the streets protesting immigration reform including students and bloggers, but probably not including Ann Coulter. They also say good-bye to Buck Owens.