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Oh, Yeah. We're Definitely Lovin' It.

By Alicia Dorr in Miscellaneous on Apr 10, 2006 8:22PM

McDonalds.jpgYou may have already heard about the new McDonald's ad campaign, but in case you're like us and somehow let that little gem through your radar, we thought we'd give an update.

McD's is holding a contest to find the face of its new marketing campaign, and that sounds great because average people as the face of worldwide PR is always really fun. So, this whole contest has been going down awhile now, basically saying you! (yeah, you!) or any slack jawed yokel could be the new face of McDonald's if you send them a 100-word story about what you love.

We really didn't think anything of this until we visited the website for this new "global casting" call—and wowee, is it strange. There's a countdown, for one, because you know people everywhere are just dying to see what song you used to love can be ruined by pickles floating across the screen.

But what's really great is that there's a map that appears to have the world split up in longitudes with little spots you can click on to see what people there look like while they do whatever they told McGiantchain they love. The only thing is there's only seven spots, and three of those are in America. And you know what people love in America? Freaking snow sports. Oh, and water sports. The people in Australia like wallabies and girls from Japan like Gwen Stefani. (We may have made that last one up, but still.)

We encourage you to keep track of the daily story entries in particular. What we like is reading 100-word stories about guys who say they are good lovers and don't want anyone to underestimate the power of a breath mint when "wooing" a girl. Pondering all possible meanings of "wooing" really makes our day, especially because it's on a Micky D website.