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Candy Bars: Special-Edition Madness

By Hanna Aronovich in Food on Apr 11, 2006 1:38PM

If you know anything about Chicagoist, you know: We Love Chocolate.


Seriously, we eat the stuff for breakfast. And, we closely monitor what’s going on in the candy aisles. We’re not all Vosges, Godiva and Ethel’s, you know. We also like Hershey’s, the Everyman’s chocolate. And lately, Hershey’s has exploded with its twist-on-a-favorite candy bars, like the endless varieties of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (we’re talking double chocolate, fudge, inside-out and white chocolate varieties).

In fact, Reese’s new product roll outs mirror what the National Confectioners Association predicted last year – that white chocolate, dark chocolate and limited-edition candy will be popular in 2006.

It’s true: Limited-edition candy bars are the latest trend. Kit Kat has introduced mint, milkshake, orange, extra-crispy and coffee varieties. And, already, newcomer Take5 has peanut butter, white chocolate and limited-edition cookie versions. And, Hershey's Kisses? The caramels, the peanut butter fillings, the cherry cordials – we’re going to have a sugar coma if we try them all.


But when we saw the Limited Edition White Chocolate Twix at our local convenience store, we just had to speak up. When will this madness end? How many candy bar varieties can they make? Not that we don’t love it, but we think our head is going to explode.

We know that sometimes classics become a bit old, but we really can’t keep up with all the new flavors. And, we can’t keep track of what CVS, Walgreen’s and Osco sells what limited edition where.

So, help us out! What’s your favorite limited-edition candy, and where are you scoring it? In the meantime, we'll be digging our way out from under the pile of wrappers.