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Occam’s Razor Suits The Editors

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 14, 2006 4:43PM

2006_04_editors.jpgYou would be totally forgiven for being so over that whole neu-New Wave/Joy Division/dance-rock trend that has gripped hipsters from coast to coast for the past couple of years. We wouldn’t hold it against you. Like any trend, this one was kicked off by a handful of talented groups that were eclipsed all too soon by a deluge of recent label signings motivated by the need to jump on the bandwagon before the tires blew out.

We mean, Jesus Christ (sorry Baby Jesus, bad taste on this day, eh?) holy mackerel just take a look at She Wants Revenge for a prime example of what happens when you package the lowest common denominator in an attempt to attract the masses. Did we mention they’re on Fred Durst’s label? ‘Nuff said.

However, this Sunday The Editors roll into town for a show at The Metro that proves that there is still some life in this particular trend after all. As a matter of fact we believe that The Editors may just out-Interpol Interpol when it comes to writing brooding rock that makes you want to shake your hips while fondly reminiscing about Ian Curtis. For reals.

This crew of natty English boys has been making quite a stir during their current tour and rock crits from other cities can’t stop gushing about how, despite a light show that could be over the top the band still delivers a set high in energy, thrills and teen angst full enough to burst frail hearts from (you guessed it) coast to coast.

Slap on the eyeliner, cut out of Easter dinner early (sorry about that again, Baby Jesus) and get thee to the Metro to get schooled. And don’t forget to thank us later when you’re totally drawing pictures of the boys in your Composition Book and carving their names into your desk Monday morning.