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Re-Viewed: The Stills at Double Door

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 14, 2006 3:26PM

2006_04_stillsalbum.jpgLast night at the Double Door Chicagoist checked out The Stills along with a capacity crowd. The Stills will be coming back this summer to play the Intonation Music Fest and we thought this would be a good time to see what we can expect from that weekend of music.

The Stills are one of those bands whose sound is all the rage right now - the pop-punk, shoe gazing, Interpol/Cure/Joy Division amalgam. The difference between The Stills and everyone else is that they have two very capable singers sharing the vocals and guitar duties, Tim Fletcher and Dave Hamelin. This adds to their flexibility and range. The first song of the evening was “In the Beginning” off the album Without Feathers that will be released May 9th. The second song “Lola Stars & Stripes” got the fans all excited and saw Olivier Corbeil on bass running around the stage in rock star mode.

Other notables from the forthcoming album were “Oh Shoplifter” and “It Takes Time”. The band related a story, after seeing an altercation in the crowd, about how the first time they experienced a mosh pit it was at a show with the Boredoms, Meat Puppets and Nirvana and that they were scared by that. We’ll have to see if the Boredoms still scare them on the 24th of June at Intonation. Then they broke into a “Pantera inspired song” – “Still in Love Song”. The show ended with “Love & Death” which is about being tired of wasting time always thinking about love and death which is really what all of their songs seem to be about.

The Double Door was packed with people and hot and steamy last night. (Won’t they at least spend a little of that beer money we give them toward a decent air conditioning system? This is not the first time that Chicagoist has heard the band members complaining as soon as they get on stage about how unbearable it is.) The heat didn’t keep these guys out of Montreal from putting on a show that lasted over an hour and letting us all have a glimpse into what to expect from the new album.