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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 23, 2006 3:06PM

bring1s.jpgSFist commeters pose for before and aftershocks when the mayor commemorates a 1906 4:30 in the morning. A hot tip on the Chronicle vending machines comes in and the SFist war correspondent risks life and limb to post this dispatch from the frontlines.

Houstonist announces their new Cops spinoff "World's Funniest Tazer Videos" and the possible cancellation of their pervs' "World's Grossest Bathroom Videos" and PBS trains cams on cows at, uhg, Mootube. Also, ballet dancers suffer sexual harassment and Baylor students are barred from Playboy.

Gothamist suffers through a few transit issues this week; first this Roosevelt Island ski gondola thingy got stuck and then the subway flasher restaurateur perv got sentenced. The TWU got hit up for $2.5M, Dylan's Freewheelin' album cover is exposed and Pedro chalked up #200.

blackberery.jpgShanghaiist has better wireless email options than we do! Blackberry or Redberry. Well, their diner options are limited, anyway. Golfers are wimps, soccer kids are crazy and the Chinese riot 230 times a day.

Torontoist tries to have an innocent little post about baked goods delivery, but the commenters have other ideas. They also suggest ways to keep cyclists and sex offenders alive (side guards and unpublished registries, respectively). Also, the Leafs get made fun of by a member of the Sabres.

Seattlest spies "pig shit" on the front page of the Post-Intelligencer. Pranksters, Brits, Chinese and South American rodents threaten the fabric of life in the city and Jamie Lidell rocks the laptop on the soul tip.

Krusty-Hair.jpgDCist sees their newspaper win four Pulitzers (but is still waiting for one of their very own). Cops lock down areas of the city and the greatest post ever warns school administrators of the dangers of surrealism on 4/20. And it looks like this guy smoked mad "surrealism."

Bostonist turns in an obit for this year's Marathon and digs up the body of the Boston Strangler. Jazz is explored via the turntable, zombies march and vigilantes run wild.

Chicagoist posts on a new condo development and the commenters went wild. Local public radio changed formats and was called onto the carpet for it and sudsy blue ribbons were handed out. Former Gov George Ryan: guilty on all counts.

LAist celebrates Los Angeles's B-day 225 ways. Teen noir Brick comes to town, Alexis Bledel loses her cute and a straight girl gets the green light to experiment in college.

uniform-2s.jpgPhillyist takes a look back at MLB's uniform models through the ages and then checks out some old dresses. Everybody was pillow fighting, Lionel Richie's coming to town, celebs are tracked and some weird-ass caveman weapon is outlawed.

Miamist witnesses the miracle of birth this week - Congrats, Miami, it's a soccer team! A mother/daughter team of thespians is interviewed and make a note: Don't mess with the Easter Bunny in Miami.

Austinist sees their former editor going behind the SXSW scenes for IFC and local director Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation and A Scanner Darkly are going to kill at Cannes. Also, does this Girl Scout selling 4500 boxes of delicious cookies have anything to do with 4/20?

Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest