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US Cellular Chicago Skyway?

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 25, 2006 12:00PM


In a world where everything can be sold and named for a price, the next thing Chicago is auctioning off is the Chicago Skyway. In the next couple weeks, the bidding will begin to rename the toll bridge to Indiana. The winner pays $3 million a year and gets to have their name plastered all over the place for at least 5 years. And the city better be successful in finding someone who wants to pay up, because they're already counting on the money for this year.

The Trib says that one of the requirements in picking a bidder is finding one who has the ability to pay. Duh. So nice to see they're so strict. Does that mean we could have anything from Pay Day Loans Chicago Skyway to McDonalds Chicago Skyway? Who ever can come up with the cash? We'd totally like to see Hugh Hefner's version of a skyway with bunnies all over the place. Of course it will probably be some boring cell company or some tech venture you've never heard of who decides it's worth the millions.

No matter how redic, who would you like to see get the naming rights? "Welcome to the Chicagoist Skyway" has a great ring to it...

Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge via josh.ev9