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Ducks 1, Upscale Restaurants 0

By Erin in Food on Apr 27, 2006 12:36PM

You know, in some ways, Chicagoist is awfully glad that there is some resolution now to the foie gras ban, no matter how much we love the suckers. We're so tired of talking about it.

2006_04_foiegras.jpgYesterday, the City Council unanimously approved the ordinance to ban the sale of the fatty duck (or goose! Don't forget the geese!) liver in the city. We're not surprised mind you - this was sort of a gimmie since, as Ald. Joe Moore (49th) pointed out to CBS 2 yesterday, it's not going to cost us a dime and it doesn't take funds away from deserving city services. Just the same, we're with Mayor Daley on this: priorities, people! We're not pro-animal suffering here in the bowels of the Chicagoist offices, but we are pro-Bigger-Fish-To-Fry. But it's over now and perhaps our elected officials can get to working on more important matters. Seriously. We're losing conventions, a much more pressing issue in Chicagoist's eyes.

For those looking for a fix within city limits, you've got until June as the ban doesn't take effect until then. The mayor says that there are only about four restaurants still serving foie gras but we're thinking there's more. Chicagoist wonders, however, if these restaurants - most of which change their menu line-up the way some of us change our underwear - will keep foie gras on their menus all the way through June. If they do, we'll be there. After all, it'll cost as much in gas to haul our cookies out to the suburbs, where it's still legal for restaurants to serve whatever the heck they want, as it would to buy the delicacy itself.

We're willing to bet there was a whole flock of geese resting easily last night.