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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Apr 30, 2006 11:48AM

Houstonist reports on cross-dressing thieves and undressing educators this week. A Peeping Tom defends himself with a papaya and an outraged onlooker asks Ken Lay, "TATER TOTS OR FRIES?" Also, FEMA wants it's money back.

LAist are a bug bunch of geeks. They're Star Trek geeks, David Duchovny geeks and Frank Gehry geeks. During their Cochella preview their readers reveal themselves to be Depeche Mode geeks.

monkey.1s.jpg Seattlest saw their basketball team preparing to leave for the burbs this week., A local evolution debate brings out a big hairy ape, puppets rock Myspace and senate candidate Mike McGavick finds $17 million under his pillow. The Stills, Jeff Milligan and Jazzanova came through town, but Seattlest was on the radio.

Phillyist gets down with the food charities this week signing up for ChefAid 2006 and Dining Out For Life. Some bad heroin is on the street and some bad celebrities are in the headlines.

Torontoist notes the arrival of Choose Your Own Adventure podcasts or "Choose Your Own Podventures." Toronto resident Jane Jacobs is remembered and this skyline mashup pairs Toronto with Dubai.

fisters.jpgSFist raises a fist in Times Square. Bush gets a Palo Alto welcome, Matt Dillion needs to firm up in the ass region and people need to learn how to park. SFist also goes back to sex-ed via text message.

DCist discovers the 11th (and 12th and 13th) commandments: Thou shall park as thou please. Jenna Bush rocks a new 'do and wlld cats, drunken firefighters and ubersexuals terrorize the city.

Bostonist documents the life of a single guy living in the city as interpreted by a bathroom vending machine and spends a little time on the stoop. A potential plagiarist climbs the Amazon book list and Hugo Chavez continues heating Massachusetts.

Londonist watches as teams of random street huggers prepare to unleash themselves on the city. Dogs, Doggs and time-traveling mechanical elephants threaten London's way of life.

EseraTuaoloSoldierFieldAs.jpgChicagoist reviews a hipster bar and finds it a little too funky thereby launching a discussion of.. well, something. Chicago's landmark stadium's landmark status blasts off for Mars this week . The Illinois General Assembly works on impeaching the President, the Chicago Skyway is up for sale and foie gras is banned.

Gothamist finds that Columbia students make easy marks, but hey, so do their readers. So what? Sesame Street gets down on the subway circa 1970 and Jane Jacobs and the Satmar Grand Rebbe die filling the streets with urbanists and Hasids.

Shanghaiist has a few drinks, has a few more drinks and burns a pile of condoms for their relatives. Meanwhile, their city sends a jaywalker to jail for the first time ever. Apparently they're cracking down on that kind of thing. Also, no water!

Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest.