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Thax ... Retiring?

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on May 1, 2006 4:14PM

2006_06_thax.jpgThis weekend, Chicagoist headed over to the Bottle for the Manishevitz/Detholz!/Volcano! show. As we copped a lean on stage right, we noticed Chicago rock club mainstay Thax Douglas in the audience. We’ve always thought of Thax as a barometer of how good a show we’re in for, and we weren’t wrong.*

As Detholz! took the stage, lead singer Jim Cooper told the gathered throng that though Thax was in the audience, he was retiring from reciting poetry at shows. He proceeded to recite “Thax #1,” an ode to Chicago’s most recognizable scenester. After the rock, we spoke to Thax, and he confirmed that he was taking a break to recharge his creative batteries.

Chicagoist hopes Thax makes it back to the stage soon. Not only is he unique to Chicago, but he’s also a sharp pin 2006_05_thaxad.jpgin the ego balloon of those who get too high on their own supply. Though that doesn’t stop us from hoping he decides to write “Chicagoist #1” some day.

In the meantime, we can apparently find all the Thax we want on eBay, according to this ad.

* In case you’re wondering, Manishevitz and Detholz! were both great. The Detholz! set was like going to Rock Church and getting sanctified while Manishevitz’s guitars and horns had us feeling all New Romantic.