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Hit Him Where It Hurts: His Wardrobe

By Joanna Miller in Miscellaneous on May 4, 2006 4:14PM

douch1.jpgSince we’re on the subjects of boobs and tools this week, we thought we’d point your attention to a Chicago woman who is mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

We’re pretty sure we can all agree on at least one thing – it’s not OK to randomly grope a woman’s breasts at a bar. We can agree on that, right? (Please say yes.)

Well, at least one guy in our fair city must have missed that day in how-to-not-be-a-douche-bag class. He demonstrated his charms to a local woman at a bar recently, following what we have to assume was an unsuccessful day at a career fair.

After suffering this Prince Charming’s antics, which included breast grabbing and, following refusals to dance, climbing on her booth and shaking his “big fat ass” in her face, the woman was presented with a golden opportunity when he asked her to hold his suit coat for him and then walked away.

douche2.jpgThat suit coat and the Gucci sunglasses that were tucked away inside its pocket are now up for sale on eBay under the heading “Hey Slime Ball-I have your Suitcoat! Buy it back here!” Well played, our friend. Well played.

The jacket, displayed on a cleverly disguised model striking the requisite asshole poses, is a medium/dark gray with white stripes, two-button Brooks Brothers Jacket, size 46 with a few spots from the “drunken college kid spilling all over himself.” The Gucci sunglasses are included and the current bid is $26.

You have six days and five hours to bid and supply this woman with some hard-earned drinking money.