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Will It Still Feel the Same?

By Benjy Lipsman in News on May 19, 2006 2:29PM

Chicago baseball fans, whether clad in black & white or blue & red, looked forward to the Crosstown series like they were our World Series. Each season, our two teams would face off in two 3-game series, to determine who would reign as the unoffical champion of Chicago. We placed this emphasis on these games because, after nearly 90 years without a title in this town, it was as close as we'd ever get -- right?

But 2005 saw the White Sox win 99 games and steamroll through the playoffs, bringing the World Series trophy home to Chicago. Does that change anything for 2006, as we get ready to watch the White Sox and Cubs face off for the first time this afternoon?

2006_05_sports_sox_ws_trophy.jpgThe media is gearing up as ususal. The Trib has their All-Chicago team. The Sun-Times rates each position head-to-head. As expected, the Trib's list is a bit more friendly to the Northsiders. Each paper is chock full of coverage, covering details and backstories typically reserved for October. But will the fans feel that same excitement?

Chicagoist has noticed a difference in our excitement level. We've made no attempt to hide our love for the White Sox, and now we have the World Series trophy. So if the Cubs win, we'll feel about as badly as the Porsche driver who is informed by a Honda driver that his Civic has more cupholders.

Certainly we want the Sox to win at least two this weekend (and a sweep would still be nice), but if they don't? We think we'll live. And how will the legions of Cubs fans feel if they win two or three this weekend? We won't pretend to speak for them, so let's hear it Cubs fans! How would winning this weekend series make you feel?