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Beer Hall Homes

By Roland Lara on May 24, 2006 5:00PM

Okay. First things first: it was like a hug from Jesus for Chicagoist to discover that the website Beer Advocate even existed.

So we’re over the moon that they’ve compiled the Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America and had the wisdom to include not only two Chicago watering holes on the list, but two kickass Chicago watering holes.

At #5: The Map Room

At #21: Hopleaf Bar

We talked about Map Room before. And anecdotally, we can tell you that the Map Room is one of the most beloved places in Chicago. The far-off look Chicagoists’ friends get when they speak wistfully of the bar is quite something. And we’re pretty sure it’s not just because they have free wireless. beer_mug.jpg

We have to give it up for Hopleaf, though. Chicagoist has covered Hopleaf before, but to review: the Belgian place in Andersonville has a surprisingly good menu and a beer list to make you weep. Chicagoist had some New Yorker friends in from out of town a few weeks back, and we sent them a copy of Hopleaf’s beer list for two reasons: (1) to whet their whistles; and (2) so we wouldn’t take a week-to-ten days at the table waiting for them to make up their minds. To say Hopleaf’s beer list is extensive is like saying that the government has listened on a handful of phone calls. And let's just say that the New Yorkers' response to Hopleaf said it all: "Second City my ass."

Now Chicagoist has recently voiced our indifference to best-of lists in general, but a site-users’ list that shines a light on a place where you can get both Belgian mussels and a Kwak in a goblet is nothing but a good thing.

And with the recent death of Butch of Butch McGuire's, we're getting a little misty for places that serve the liquid equivalent of comfort food.