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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jun 4, 2006 1:16PM

DCist is screwed in the event of an oil crisis. Not that we're not all screwed in the event of an oil crisis, just D.C. is more screwed. Don't sell your car yet, District resident, a cabbie can kick you to the curb if he doesn't like your address. Not even Metro can save you now.

3DCity2s.jpgLondonist experiences the London of the future through the wonders of 3D modeling, but while the 3D guys are intent on building up, this kid wants to bring it all down. And these Londoners see sounds and hear colors without the assistance of modern pharmaceuticals.

Torontoist has got a guy that's going for the world karaoke record. Fifty hours straight. Damn. That is stupid. Lots'a smog in the city makes for crazy pictures and a one-day transit strike pisses everyone off.

leshs.jpgSFist throws down with the world's nerdiest fight club this week. Or are these reenacters actually the world's nerdiest fight club? Have them fight for it! And Google hates America.

Austinist does an interview with Found Magazine's Davy Rothbart which is available as a podcast/MP3. Clemens returns to the state of Texas and the New York Times is in love with Texas eats.

Miamist has a brand new hurricane season to deal with but luckily this holy (and expensive) grilled cheese sandwich is in town as a shield. There's also an interview with recent College Football Hall of Fame inductee Bennie Blades.

Phillyist drops a post about an article about a few of their hometown papers. There's an interview with DJ and film aficionado Jay Schwartz. And it's World Cup time.

Chicagoist gets all bookish on the Printers Row Fair (once, twice, three times). That's a lot of books. Mark Cuban wants to buy the Cubbies and no one can agree on this band called Be Your Own Pet.

whistler-brown-bears.jpg Seattlest is drowning in festivals both film (Seattle International) and music (Sasquatch). Brown bears are slow returning to the mountains this year and the Mariners' manager is slow to do anything at all.

Houstonist is already preparing for the coming hurricane season and attended the Houston/Galveston Hurricane Workshop this week. Roger Clemens will be creating his own weather patterns from the mound in Houston this season and cops have been Houston cops have been fogging the windows of the evidence room.

LAist discovers that the first nuclear accident in recorded history occurred in Simi Valley in 1959. They estimate that's probably around the time the Los Angeles Magazine website was last updated. And the '20 under 30' interview series rolls on.

2006_05_schnack2s.jpgGothamist learns this week that they're soon going to be out a lot of anti-terror coin. Not enough landmarks in NYC, apparently. What? Have they seen these hotdogs? Those are almost landmarks themselves. Also, New York Metro is insensitive to strollers.

Shanghaiist investigates the fascinating world of blogging beauties this week. That and this girl shampooing her hair with birth control pills and the national infatuation with this bus tirade could be enough to make one wonder if eveything's alright over there.

Bostonist decides it's time to study up on dog laws after a canine attack in the city and then goes back to the law books when a Mass inmate tries to get the state to pay for his/her gender reassignment. And then there's this cool MIT toy that has absolutely nothing to do with the legal system.

Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest