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Your Solution is Murder? Really?

By Alicia Dorr in News on Jun 9, 2006 8:15PM

While we know that murder is a very serious subject, and we don’t want to make too light of it, we almost spit out our coffee a little at a recent headline involving the top ten sin: “Woman says ‘rough sex’ led her to kill landlord.”

We’ve guessed from watching Law & Order way (way, way, WAY) too much that people actually do kill over love and sex, otherwise there would be no storyline. It still surprises the hell out of us, though, when we read about people who are so in the moment that they actually murder a lover they are pissed at.murder.jpg

In this particular case, a 27-year-old mother of five (we know, that’s probably the most tragic thing in all of this) claimed that she killed her landlord because he was too rough when they had sex. While we have no idea what exactly that means, but we would love to see the police report. Anyway, she was charged after a witness said she was leaving the scene just before the victim was discovered, dead from a gun wound to the head, in his car. Aside from the rough sex, he was apparently about to evict her.

What really eludes us about the situation, and the hundreds of others like it every year, is that she told detectives she couldn’t think of another way to solve the problem. Seriously – yikes. Are people really that basic that they would give into the first animalistic tendency that popped in their heads? Whatever. Don’t let us get too philosophical on this one; we’re just hungry. And our first instinct is to eat an entire frozen pizza.

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