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Duuuuuude. You're Soooo Busted.

By Erin in News on Jun 15, 2006 2:48PM

There is something about drug dealers that has always perplexed us: if you're going to go to all of the hassle of actually being a bonafide drug dealer, with all of the sundry of hassles that go along with such a vocation, wouldn't one of the first things you'd do is try and to make certain you don't get caught?

2006_06_stoner.gifIn what would make a delightful fit for This Week In Stupid, a Cook County sheriff's department drug enforcement team seized about $2 million worth of weed from a dude on the northwest side after they smelled it from outside. The rocket scientist who lives there, upon being greeted by this team, consented to allow them to search his home. When they got in, they found 53 bricks of marijuana, which weighed in at 1-ton. One-ton. Chicagoist's mind reels at what that actually looks like - that's a lot of smokey smoke.

We've done some colossally stupid things when under the influence but man. You're going to stash that much weed in your house and not take any precautions, let alone not have the common sense to not smoke that shit or, if you must, at least put down a towel and fashion a zube tube? We know we're asking these questions of people who are drug dealers and therefore the whole notion of common sense goes out the window but we knew morons in college who were more skilled at not getting caught and the only thing they had on the line was their spot in school and they didn't care if they got tossed or not.