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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jun 18, 2006 2:16PM

San Francisco is proud host of a new reality show called "How to Get the Guy" that's unfortunately not a descendant of Will and Grace, Queer Eye, The L Word, American Idol etc. Also a biodefence lab is coming to the East Bay and SFist teaches wine pairing.

2006_06_arts_aziztan.jpgGetting on the wrong train sucks. Getting on the wrong train and becoming the victim of what will later be described as a "stabbing spree" really sucks. Gothamist also does battle in the real estate listings of Craigslist New York this week and their second comedy show is approaching.

Ok, there's that new reality show starring cats. Fine. Is it alright to get excited about a local cat's performance on the show, though? According to Houstonist, yes, it is alright. Also cocaine's not just for topping banana splits anymore and gender reassignment surgeries aren't just for everyone besides cops.

The old cell-phones-behind-the-wheel debate finally made it up to Canada this week. Have fun with that one, guys. Torontoist feels the city was robbed of the Gay Oscar Best Musical and MuchMusic finally gets some competition from MTV Canada.

Pitchers in Chicago who are told to plunk someone better plunk someone if they don't want to revisit the minors. Ozzie's oldschool. On the other side of town Wrigley's also oldschool and that's a problem for some. Chicagoist also reports on some book burnin' in the city.

Questioned-Homosexuality.jpgGays in the District are encouraged to start straightening up. Billboards there are convinced that change is possible. DCist also discovers little sympathy for an area blogger caught in a seat belt trap and a jaywalker.

Does the fact that Matt Damon's new kid was born in Miami mean that it has Miami citizenship? Damon, that sneaky bastard! The ACLU is trying to take care of the travel restriction that has kept you from chilling on the beach in Havana and Miamist reports on a man who took a cab to a bank robbery. Had the driver stop for lunch, too.

Shanghai's entering its Plum Rain season, but who really cares? Who cares if Shanghai is under water, right? "Oh, no! Who's gonna make those little umbrellas for those tropical drinks?" Shanghaiist also cares about the world's tallest woman.

165743512_4bb84d7756_m.jpgWhen even your graffiti is in Latin it might be time to take a semester off. Get out a little. Phillyist suggests you spend some time relaxing at the penitentiary or check out the Sonic Middleaged.

The karoake masters are fascists and the trivia tests are rigged - Soon there'll be nothing to do at the bars in Seattle but drink. Seattlest also has the scoop on Bill Gates's new gig.

There are probably nude or partially nude photos out there of just about every art teacher alive (in the name of art, right?) but in Texas they freak out about that kind of thing (here, here, and again). Austinist also reports on Texas-based Whole Foods decision to free the lobsters.

Images by Gothamist, techne and Phillyist. Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest.