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Sox Shorts

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Jun 21, 2006 5:23PM

2006_06_sports_sox_shorts.jpgNo, Chicagoist isn't promoting the return of short pants for the White Sox. What happened in the 70's should stay in the 70's. But with so much going on around the World Champs yesterday, we figured we'd give a quick run-down of a few items.

Sure it Wasn't the Bears and Rams?
The White Sox had a night to remember at the plate last night, clobbering the St. Louis Cardinals 20-6 at the Cell. The 20 runs were the most since May 15, 1996 in Milwaukee and the 24 hits were the most since Aug. 9, 2000.

They sent 16 batters to the plate during the 11-run 3rd inning. They added 6 more in the 6th inning, and a couple more for good measure. Every starter had at least one hit, and more had at least three hits than were limited to one. Six different hitters drove in at least 2 runs. In a night of big games, Joe Crede had the biggest, going 4-5 with 2 home runs and a double.

The Sox-Cards series had a lot of hype before last night's game, with the likes of John Rooney and Tony LaRussa returning to Chicago, and the series matching last year's top two teams. Will the rest of the series live up to the hype like last night's game?

Riske Business
One indication that there will still be lots of hype lived up to is that yet another plunking controversy began during last night's game. During the 6th inning, Cardinals reliever Sidney Ponson hit both Brian Anderson and Pablo Ozuna with pitches. Becuase the bases were loaded at the time, two runs scored as a result. Surely, no pitcher would hit a batter on purpose if it'd score a run, would he? He might, if his team was already down by a dozen.

Whereas last week, rookie reliever Sean Tracey didn't carry out his orders, newly acquired reliever David Riske did -- by planting a pitch firmly into Chris Duncan's backside. Because both benches had been warned following Ponson's second hit batter, both Riske and Guillen were automatically ejected from the game.

We still don't like the whole hitting batters and retaliation thing. But the rules that the umps follow clearly favor the bullying team. Ponson didn't get ejected for hitting two guys, but Riske and Guillen both get tossed? Either allow some sort of retaliation before starting to kick players out, or else use some discression and toss the initial offender.

Ozzie Violated PC Laws Again
Ozzie Guillen's certainly outspoken, and normally Chicagoist loves him for it. But sometimes, what he says in entirely inappropriate. Remember last summer, when White Sox managet Ozzie Guillen got himself in trouble for an anti-gay slur? Seems he hasn't learned from his previous mistake.

Yesterday, prior to the Sox-Cards game, Guillen crossed line again, referring to the Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti, "What a piece of [deleted] he is, [deleted] fag.'

Certainly, we agree with Ozzie that Mariotti is the worst sportswriter in this city, one who resorts to writing crazy nonesense because, even if it's negative, at least he gets some sort of reaction. Hell, there are people who are even trying to bring together Cubs and Sox fans in their unified hatered of the guy!

There are plenty of painful insults he could have thrown at Mariotti. Call him talentless. Real writers don't have to resort to artifical controversy to get readers interested. Call him anti-environment because his words are a waste of ink and paper. Call him a Republican.

But insulting him by questioning his sexuality? Especially in the week leading up to the Pride Parade? In the city that will soon be hosting the Gay Games? Ozzie, you need some sensitivity training! Or maybe a ride-along on one of the floats this weekend.