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Pride and Prejudice

By Margaret Hicks in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 22, 2006 1:56PM

Pride.jpgWell, well, well, it turns out the book burning wasn’t a hate crime after all. Turns out the fire was set by a 21 year old homeless woman; not a butthead at all, but most likely a troubled woman who did something ridiculously stupid.

We wanted to wait, to ask the right questions, to hold off on our judgments until we knew the answer. We wanted to refrain from jumping on the “hate crime” bandwagon until we knew for sure. We wanted to withhold our quick assumptions that just because they were Gay and Lesbian books, that meant something hateful was happening.

We think that sometimes we can be too “p.c.”, that sometimes, a crime is just what it is, a crime, no hate involved. And sometimes, it’s better to reserve judgment, instead of jumping to conclusions.

Either way, we're just glad it's over, bring on the Pride.