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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Jun 25, 2006 10:50PM

sampa.jpgSampaist is on the scene in São Paulo beginning this week to become the only ist south of the Equator. Editor Leandro M. Pinto leads the paulistanos down there.

You can protest someone at his office, sure, but when the whistle blows at the end of the day can you follow him home? D.C. has sports fans, apparently, and elephants aren't really cut out for zoos.

There's this trick where you can read information from a .PDF file if it hasn't been redacted properly. Kinda like this one leaked from a court case in San Francisco. SFist brings you an update on "How to Get the Guy" and explains why it was a bad week for bonfires on the beach.

The woman who took the pictures of a Texas teacher that are causing a lot of fuss is interviewed this week by Austinist. A three-year-old eats nine hits of acid and "Don't Mess With Texas" is up for a Favorite Slogan award.

actlikechi.jpgChicagoist released a great FAQ for download this week called "Act Like You've Been Here Before: The Chicagoist Guide to Chicago." Ozzie Guillen's in the news again and the universal rip off is examined.

The "12th Man" is not a phrase that's used in relation to the World Cup, and if you try it Texas A&M will sue your ass. Seattle may not have the legal rights to any catchy sports phrases, but it does have the world's largest bass drum. Seattlest also ponders funding for national parks.

Bowling alleys around the country have a bad habit of closing, but in philadelphia a new one is actually opening. The Zombie Prom is coming and Phillyist talks to the Unholy Sideshow.

Someone in Miami was selling those tiny fashion accessory dogs as pure-breds when they actually bought them randomly off the internet. Miamist checks into Eminent Domain and celebrates an NBA title

Jeff Skilling can't get himself out of the news - This week we get to hear about his fragile little psyche before the trial. Is Lex Luthor from the new Superman based on him? Houstonist also talks about ninjas.

This Boston man had a little trouble finding his Hanover hotel after a match, much the same as the U.S. team had trouble finding the goal during the game. Bostonist also found this video of Boston College kids trying the Mentos and Diet Coke thing and the swan boats.

 drwho.jpgTwo groups in London are locked in a bitter turf war over who gets to feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Londonist is somewhat less than excited about new television advertising technology. They're also stalking Doctor Who around the city.

You can only get a decent soy dog from a few Major League so it's news when Dodger Stadium mysteriously stops selling them. LAist has nothing good to say about the Mighty Ducks new marketing, but a living roof could keep the South Central Farm in business.

Protesters, including a beauty queen, shut down a cat meatball restaurant in L.A. this week. Ok, Shenzhen, a city in southern China. A Shanghaiist photographer comes across a tragic scene and Chinese Bishops, the Vatican and Stephen Hawking are all thrown into the mixer here.

Don't just give up on it if you lose your Sidekick. Call it. A few times. Call the cops. Document everything on your website. NYC cops crack down on subway pervs and New York is somehow the world's most polite city.

Third most polite city in the world is Toronto. Some of the comments in that post might give a clue as to why they didn't score higher. A kickball team is raising funds for a trip down to NYC and it's Pride week in Toronto.

Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest