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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden on Jul 3, 2006 2:26AM

butterstick_birthday2s.jpgSometimes you need to clean yourself up, get serious, and move in with daddie for a few months before you head to Latin America for a new gig. The District bid's Jenna Bush adios. D.C.-based television shows have an elderly audience and DCist has Butterstick the panda bear a birthday bash.

Yeah, we may have a few issues with our World Cup broadcasters here, but this guy calling games in China has to be heard. These shrimps/crawfish/"little lobsters" need to be tasted and can be at these fine locations. And Shanghaiist isn't so sure about sex-selective abortion.

Everyone gets a day these days so, why not, Go Skateboarding Day. The NBA Draft worked out alright for Philadelphia all things considered and the Phillyist playlist is posted this week.

One, two, three, four, someone declared a bubble war and Torontoist is definitely down. The Lord of the Rings musical is getting thrown into the Crack of Doom. Closing, that is to say. And happy birthday dear CN Tower, happy birthday to you.

In London there's a cell phone throwing contest approaching. So cool. Please someone do that here. Trampoline injuries are on the rise in England, presumable with trampoline sales coinciding, and the English need to work on their secret keeping skills.

175153234_212d8fa6b4_m.jpgThe Intonation Music Festival played this week to Chicagoist and several thousand friends (in words 1, 2, 3 and pictures, 1, 2). The Chicago Fire open their new and awesome stadium with a win. And Superman matters.

Hey, that's that chick from Project Runway! Some guy in Houston turned himself into a guy missing a finger and his girlfriend into a woman who received a finger in the mail from her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend, of course. And Anna Nicole's competition for her departed husband's riches departs.

Oooo, multi-media extravaganza at LAist. There's a video of an interview with the L.A. Bus Rider's Union and then one hot minute inside a BET awards party video and the sexy results of a stop at the Erotic L.A. Convention.

One thing you can't take away from a man is his inalienable right to enjoy a dance in a private booth. Or, actually, you can take it away. 1000 rats deigned to live with this freak and 'DiFi' cosponsored the flag burning thing.

A trend is gathering on the horizon: dumps reborn as rec space. Gothamist's Laughable Hype 2.0 event went down this week and twenty years later crack is still wack.

Some guy in Miami managed to convince a jury that he shot his cat out of love. Usually people "love" their neighbor's cats... In other news of the wild kingdom, shark bites man. And a few Miami locals are bitten by the NBA draft.

lettuceandoly.jpgThe Seattle to Portland commuters got a new Amtrack train this week, which is well timed because Seattlest is giving up on the Emerald City after the NBA Draft and has adopted PDX. grocery shopping ensures that you never have to leave your home again. Ever.

Official proof that you can sell tickets to a small pox encampment/city dump and tourists will go for it. Pedro made his not-so-triumphant return to Boston this week and you know how it went. And everyone loves pizza.

A new entry into the fantastical world of audio comes this week courtesy of Austinist. Listen in as they blow up improv. Also, A Scanner Darkly premiered and Band of Horses submitted themselves for questioning.

Chicago Fire photo courtesy of Todd McClamroch. Compiled by Dan Gonsiorowski of Seattlest