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Can't Keep A Good Critic Down

By Scott Smith in News on Jul 3, 2006 4:52PM

Chicagoist has been a little worried about whipsmart Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert 2006_06_ebert.jpgeven since he gave three stars to the new Garfield sequel. Clearly, the Great One had been working too hard and a June 16th surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his salivary gland can’t have helped matters.

Then this weekend a blood vessel near the site of the surgery burst and Ebert was back in the hospital again. We’re not sure what caused the burst blood vessel, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a press screening of My Super Ex-Girlfriend was partially to blame.

Though in serious, but stable, condition, most expect Ebert to be occupying the back row of the Lake Street screening room again soon. Lord, we hope so. No matter if he’s writing about Bunuel or The Break-Up, Ebert reminds us all that no matter what the subject, writing can be art as well as craft.