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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Laziness

By Scott Smith in News on Jul 3, 2006 3:58PM

As we threw earplugs into our ears last night to drown out the sounds of the rocking party happening above our bedroom, we again cursed our luck in having to work on a day such as this. Though Chicagoist will be taking the 4th of July off to celebrate Independence Day, we’re working today. 2006_06_holiday.jpgWe're here, with no beer, and we’re getting used to it.

We’re taking some solace in the knowledge that we’re not alone (and that everyone else is having their four-day weekend ruined by rain). According to a Trib poll—that admittedly is less scientific than a Biology textbook from Kansas—almost 80 percent of respondents are working too. Physically, anyway. Mentally, we’re still bellied up to the bar and finishing the argument we started last night about the scions of superheroes.

Many companies are finding that employees are taking off the day before or after a holiday, thereby reducing productivity. Fed up with this annual loogie spat in the eye of capitalism, the Tribune comes out swinging.

Chicagoist’s drinking buddy Eric Zorn argues on his Change of Subject blog that the Independence Day Holiday should be moved from its July 4th to the first Monday in July.

But the Trib’s own editorial board believes celebrating Independence Day on a day other than the 4th of July would break with tradition. So it does Zorn one better by suggesting Congress decree that “the first Monday in July will always be July 4th” meaning the 2007 calendar might read July 1, 4, 2, 3. Apparently, the love of tradition doesn’t extend to a Gregorian calendar that’s been around over four centuries.

We’re pretty sure they’re joking around here. Most people have enough problems with Daylight Savings Time, and would probably spontaneously combust when faced with this change.