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Attention: Chicago Talent Buyers

By Tankboy on Jul 7, 2006 2:49PM

2006_07_thax.jpgThax is leaving us, and he needs your help. We received a rather cryptic bulletin from the poet laureate of Chicago rock and/or roll informing us of a series of farewell shows he was planning. Farewell to what, you might ask? Thax had said he was going to “retire” from public readings for a while so we reckoned that might be what he was talking about. But oh no.

Thax is ditching us for the Big Apple!

Say what you will, but we will miss him. Who else is going to get up on stage and give love to every single band he digs no matter how teensy-tiny a crowd they draw? Thax has always supported local music, and this city could use more of his ilk.

He currently has farewell shows booked at Subterranean on August 24 and at The Hideout August 31. He is currently looking for a venue to stage an all-ages show so he can say goodbye to all the kids as well; so if you’ve got a line on a venue let him know. There, that explains the headline, doesn't it?